School principals should focus on leading teachers to success and helping students

During the whole night before the day of my work results releasing I was thinking about the upshot. My mind created all options from dreadful to amazing. On the morning I got up early, got my hot black coffee and headed to my school office. The whole working day I was analyzing the data and got a break only to get a little fresh air. My school got tested after my first year as the head of the institution. It was an unforgettable phase, especially for my nerves.

Surely, I have an understanding that these results are only a part of a complete picture of our hard work with teachers and pupils. Therefore, I never attached great importance to tests, even though society and administration value it. The report wasn’t superlative or awful. It was OK, simply as I expected.

One way or another, this is just another step for our school. Results change but my work as a headmaster stays still. Now I fully understand that I must emphasize my attention on leading teachers to success and helping students. Such a situation won’t let the focus change ones more.

An ability to let go

The most important lesson I’ve learned as a leader was to absolve yourself from things you are not responsible for. For the first time, it was unbelievably hard to delegate the smallest and biggest parts of my business as a principle. At the end of the day, I found that such a skill important for further success and development of school work

I value schools like an alive organism with the need of a leader. In my personal opinion, if a principal focus on different surveys, statistics, over analysis and schedules only at the expense of the main task – school growth. These tasks are as well important but considerably less. In case the principal wishes to build a productive, effective, dynamic school he better reconcile with small everyday problems.

Capitulation force

The main job of principles as heads of teachers’ society consists of helping students to find their destiny. So, managing control of great expectations helps to be focused on that important educative mission. All school system aims to direct their students on a true path.

There are always will be successful and unsuccessful things. Of course, failure frustrates us but do not stop before a bigger goal. Learn yourself to see full picture because the importance lies in continuous progression rather than on biased consequence.

The key is to have faith in the surroundings. Such a realization is helpful in letting go. Trust and faith in a shared mission where everyone is involved can ease the pressure.

Remember thing which must always stay with a leader:

  • Professional pride;
  • Honesty;
  • Cooperation.

Keep in mind that the ability to think critically outcome of letting go of skills.

I want to highlight that there are always will be gaps within a school which require hard work and resistance on the way to a strong educative institution. Role as a leader is to give student direction when they are helpless. Such involvement requires accurate management and planning.

Remember the ultimate goal

As David Wallace ones said: “Letting go is never easy, but trying to holding on is even more difficult”. Be ready to be doubted by people around you and even by yourself. However hard it can be, don’t let hesitation distract you from the main goal. One day when you will realize that you made your best teaching students, then you are able to ease your mind and let go of the rest.