Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chewy.com and the Kitties

It's a new year, and Chewy.com is here!  Snoodles is
so excited!  Here she is showing her new foodies
some love! Yum!  Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pack!

During "The 12 Days of Strays" at our local shelter,
we adopted Nutmeg.  Can you see how thrilled he
is to be part of this?

We also adopted Turkey the cat. 
As you can see, he's featuring
Weruva Cats in the Kitchen cat food. 
He chose, "Funk in the Trunk"
flavor from the variety pack.

Nutmeg selected "Kitty Gone Wild"

Here's Snoodles enjoying "Lamb Burger"

"Nom! Nom!"

Nutmeg was brought into the shelter as a stray.
He was a little thin guy when we brought
him home.  Because of this, he gets two helpings.
Here you go baby...give the "Chicken Frick A Zee" 
a try.

Thank you Chewy.com and Weruva cat food!
There wasn't a flavor they didn't like, and 
as always Chewy.com is the best!

Bark Along With Us!!


  1. We have a kitty friend who eats this food and loves it. We love the packaging.

  2. Looks like they enjoyed the review.

  3. CONCATULATIONS Nutmeg & Turkey for your adoption! You are in grr-eat paws with your new family that will shower you with lots of luvs! Enjoy the Weruva noms!

  4. We are both fans of Chewy's and can't wait for our monthly delivery. Hey mom, when's ours arriving?

  5. Welcome Nutmeg and Turkey! Such cuties.

  6. Yum! Chicken Frick-a-Zee is one of Manna and Dexter's favorites! You kitties are so lucky to get to try all of these flavors. :) I hope you enjoyed them as much as it seems you did. Your photos are adorable!

  7. Hi friends! It's so nice to see you. :)

    Congratulations on adopting Nutmeg and Turkey!

  8. This brand is one of my favorites to feed my kitty. Looks like yours enjoy it, just as much:) Thanks for the share, loved the article read.
    World of Animals

  9. Wow, these flavors are awesome.
    We are also thinking of getting nutmeg for our customers and we will be very happy if you review the new flavors for us.
    Love your blog Brando :)

    1. Yes they are good. Pet owners likes it. Great thing to start with.