Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tylee's Review

As we approach the end of our 30 day Tylee's food challenge, we decided that although the food is great quality, and the dogs loved it, we're switching back to making our own food.  We didn't notice any major changes in our dogs coat, or over all well being.  Our vet suggested any major changes may take more than 30 days to become noticeable.  Our dogs are already fed a homemade raw diet, so we may not notice any changes at all.  We did love the convenience of this bag food versus having to make our own.  We would recommend this product for pet families thinking of switching to a grain free diet.  It's very easy to use, and the dogs loved it from the very first day.  Brando and Humphrey would like to thank Tylee's and Chewy.com for this opportunity.   

We received this food in exchange for Brando's and Humphrey's opinion.  Thanks Chewy.com!

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