Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tylee's Turkey Recipe Dog Food #chewyinfluencer

We are taking part in a 30 day trial of Tylee's Turkey Recipe Food for Dogs.  We are excited to be part of this.  Our dogs are already on raw diet, but we make our own food. 
Chewy.com sent the food frozen on dry ice.  (Our children were thrilled to have the ice for an experiment ;)  We separated the food into individual bags for daily feedings for the week.  This food needs to be defrosted, smaller portions make it easier to defrost. The first thing we noticed about this food, was the terrific aroma.  It smells like fresh cinnamon! As soon as we opened the bag, we had the attention of every animal in the house, including the cat.  The food is very moist, and if it weren't for the strange gray color, it looks appetizing.  There is ample amounts of both fruits, and veggies in the food.  We spotted cranberries, and sweet potatoes, amongst what appears to be a high quality food.  Another important fact that caught our eyes, is this food is not made in China.  In our home, we look for products made in the USA. 

We're looking forward to trying a food that is premade, and healthy. We hope you'll continue to bark along with us on this journey for the next few weeks. 


  1. Looking forward to hearing your experiences. Anything that smells like cinnamon is good in our books!

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