Sunday, March 19, 2017


Brando HIGHLY recommends
Fromm Lamb with Cranberry Recipe Dog Treats.
While our backs were turned, 
Brando helped
himself to this bag of treats.  He quietly brought the bag
over to the sofa, and ate most of the treats! We've
brought many treats home, and have never had this
happen before. Brando absolutely loved them! 
These Fromm Treats have a strong,
sweet, aroma. Brando's mouth watered, as we opened our Chewy
goodie box.  We also recommend these treats, (in!)
to share with the rest of the gang!
Thank you Fromm Family Pet Food, and

Disclaimer: Brando, and the gang, received these
treats free of charge from CHEWY.COM in exchange
for our (and Brando's) honest review.

Bark along with us!


  1. Brando, those treats sure sound delicious! As for the leprechaun, we saw him there with you, and we totally believe your story about him making you do it! :)

  2. Brando those treats must be really yummy!

  3. Tasty treats are always welcome! Enjoy them, buddy!