Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Rest In Peace

Carrie Fisher

David Bowie


George Michael

To all the stars
who made us laugh, taught us the meaning
of  "girl power,"
made beautiful music, and most of all,
helped to create memories,
rest peacefully.
You will be missed <3

Bark along with us!


  1. 2016 has been such a tough year. So many losses...

  2. Too many gone too soon. We will miss them♥

  3. We lost a lot of good ones this year, and mostly far too young! Mom and Bailie went out to Paisley Park place to pay their respects to Prince since we live in the area, and Bailie is our purple girl. So sad.

  4. I was just watching a tribute to all the folks that have passed and it's so awful. I'm very sad about Carrie Fisher - she was only 60. Great post - thanks for sharing.

  5. So many losses this year. Seeing them all laid out in tribute form brings those losses close to home, and I've seen many lately. But yours has to be one of my favorites. What sweet expressions on that furry face. It makes my heart a little lighter.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  6. Super sweet of you to remind us of those we've lost.

  7. It has been a tough year and we have lost so many awesome humans and pets. ♥

  8. Been a furry hard year and now Carrie Fisher and her Mom are both gone. Unbelievable. <3

  9. Hey Brando where did you get the code to keep folks from right clicking? We needz that. Mom just tried to right click on a link to make another tab and that how we founded out... Purrz, Katie Kitty Too.

  10. Carrie Fisher was one of a kind...and gone way too soon.