Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Petzi Treat Camera

It's that time of the year, again.  You know, that time of the year when you have to find that purr-fect gift for that special someone.  Remember last year?  You ran out of time, and bought that sweater with a flamingo wearing a silver sequined dress on it. It wasn't the purr-fect gift....was it?  (Not that we have a problem with flamingos, or silver sequined dresses ☺).

This year, Brando, Humphrey, Gracie, and the gang, want to help you make your gift selection.  Get that special someone the Petzi Treat Cam!  We can't say enough about this treat cam! Are you looking to capture the BEST pet selfies?  This camera is for you!  (Ummm...we don't mean for you!  We mean that special someone....ooops!)  Know someone who's worried about their fur family while they're at work? The Petzi Treat Cam will let them take a sneak peek into their furry day.

Let's unleash the fun!

This is it!

Are you excited yet?

Cover removed--almost there!

The camera kit includes a few bags of goodies
to get the pawty started.

Loading the fun!
Replace the cover, and voila!

You can't have a pawsome treat cam
without a pawsome App, right?
  The Petzi App allows you
to view your pet anytime, day or night.
This App has all the bells and whistles!
It's got night vision! 
It's got the ding-a-ling
button which gets your
pets attention!
It's got the treat dispenser button!
It's got the magic microphone
button that allows you to talk
 to your pet! 
PLUS... you'll capture countless 
pet selfies using the pawtastic camera button!
Let's not forget the Petzi Social Petwork, a place to share photos, and connect with other pet parents!

Naughty or nice, this is the purr-fect present! 
Make sure you fetch one for everyone on your Holiday list!
Paw the link below for more info!


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  1. What a GREAT gift idea
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx