Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee With a Canine


A new award?  Brando is overwhelmed with Joy!
    This morning brings exciting news! Our interview is featured over at Coffee with a Canine.  We just wanted to thank Marshal for hosting the interview, and featuring Brando and Bogart.  Check us out if you haven't seen it.

     Just a quick Humphrey update!  He is home and doing better. Thanks to all of his "fans" for their concern. Also, we are very delayed in posting thanks for the awards.   I'm sorry.  Things have been a little crazy around here lately.  We promise to get caught up over this weekend! 

Our daughter is currently awaiting to take her exams for Nail Tech.  Just wanted to share some of her fun Cavalier, and dog nail art.  Her speciality is Extreme Nail Art.  One set of her nails were recently featured on the rock group Kiss website. 

See my Brando!

This set is my favorite.  Can you see the tiny Cavalier in Van Gogh's Starry Night?
In order to paint on such a small area, all of Shannon's
paintings are done with a paint brush that has one bristle. 

These aren't dog related, but they live up to the name Extreme!!

Eddie Van Halen's guitar

Shannon also makes cakes!  Look who she free handed on this cake!


She wasn't happy with the writing, but I think it's adorable! 
Shannon is currently working on a chalk drawing of Brando and Humphrey.  Can't wait to share it!! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Terminator Movie

Brando was wondering what was happening in downtown Albuquerque.  He's walked there many times, and the streets were never closed....

No going this way, either!

The police were all over, too....

Brando was very worried!  Was there a Milk Bone robbery?!

"What's with the Christmas lights?!"  Brando wondered.

"Is that a giant spider on top of that building?"  We really had to coax Brando to go for a walk!

Brando stood with fear!

"Quick! Hide in the trucks!!"

"In here!! In here!!" Brando went running towards the trucks!

"Then again, maybe not!"  Brando quickly made a bee line for the car.

We parked the car again, and walked over to the next block.  It was much calmer on this street. 
"Wait a minute!  What's this?"  Brando thought.

Out came Arnold Schwarzenegger holding two elcairs!  One for Brando, and one for him!!

You Caught US!
We DIDN'T see Arnold Schwarzenegger,
 but we had a lot of fun walking around the movie set
of the new Terminator movie!

P.S.  We heard that Johnny Depp will be here next month filming The Lone Ranger.
Look out Silver! Here comes Brando!

I'll Be BACK!!!!!


Friendship Friday

We are new to the Friendship Friday blog hop that Create with Joy hosts.  We are always looking to make new friends, and what better way than through a blog hop!  Since we homeschool our children, crafts are a huge part of our day.  Her blog is awesome! 

Humphrey enjoys a nap!

Now to answer the question of the week!  "What inspired your blog name?"  That's an easy one!  Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Marlon Brando and Humphrey Bogart!  Without them, well, we wouldn't be a blogging family.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mr. Chewy

Thank You Mr. Chewy for the wonderful Christmas Card!!

      I don't know about you guys, but we tend to be.....well....a little hesitant about things we get in email.  Is it spam?  Is it someone trying to steal my charge card number?  Is it for real?   We received an email from Brent Rangen of asking us to check out the website.  Mr. Chewy is an online pet food supplier.  We hemmed and hawed with the email for a few days, trying to figure out if it was legit. Was it ever!

     The website is easy to use, even for a computer challenged person like me!  Right away, I found all the Merrick foods the pups enjoy.  Some of the items cheaper than our local pet shop.  Mr. Chewy also carries other Merrick products that we can't find in our area.  Before I knew it, I was clicking the check-out button!

     Fast!  A few days later, on Christmas Eve, a FedEx box arrived from Mr. Chewy.  Neatly packed, and the order was complete.  No waiting for a back order.  Nothing out of stock. 

     It arrived at the perfect time, too.  We had three snowstorms come through our area, so I didn't have to drag everyone to the store in the freezing, blowing snow and cold, to buy the pups food.

    We loved Mr. Chewy so much that we are trying to add the link to the blog.  Go check him out! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Humphreys Marshmallow (cool sound roll over picture to turn on) -

Please dont forget to visit my new BIG sister's blog for her first Wordless Wednesday!!