Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nutro Party Picture Postcard

We wanted to share some pup friends we met during our Nutro Party.  My daughter made adorable puppy cupcakes, but I'm having trouble with blogger, and the photo won't post.  For now, I'll share this picture postcard, and as soon as we get to a better WIFI hotspot, I'll post more photos.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nutro Party

Recently, we were contacted by Nutro to host a Small Breed Taste Testing Party.  We were delighted.  We will be hosting our party in the days to come. 

We'd like to apologize to Nutro for hosting our party at such a late date, but due to our current lack of
living arrangements, it's made our party more challenging to host.  We'd also like to thank Nutro for such a wonderful opportunity.  The supplies are fantastic!

We are very familiar with the Nutro brand in our "home."  Nutro is the only brand of food that Humphrey can eat without causing him weight gain.  We've tried every type of diet (including homemade recipes), and Humphrey would still pack on the pounds.  Also, their grain free food is perfect for pups, like CoCo, who experience tear stains. 

Nutro's small breed line is excellent.  The tiny morsels are perfect for small breeds.

We hope you'll stay tuned for photos from our Nutro Small Breed Taste Testing Party.