Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hooray for Awards!!!!

In all the madness of our move, we nearly missed having received a couple of awards.  What a wonderful surprise!!  First, we'd like to thank Cinnamon and Popcorn for our awards!!

The Rules

1.   Link back to the blogger who gave you this award

2.  Pass the award on to 15 other blogger friends

For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award the rules are.....

1.  Link back to the blogger who gave you this award

2.   Share 7 things about yourself

and last, but not least, pass this wonderful award along to 15 fantabulous bloggers!!

So here goes!  7 things about the pups......

7.  Brando is afraid of his shadow, birds, fish, hats, his water bowl, trees, (you get the idea!), but we recently found out he's NOT afraid of horses!!

6.  Humphrey will be at the Pet Expo in Denver Aug 11.  Hoping he'll be willing to show off some of his amazing tricks.

5.  Ziggy is the smallest of all our the Cavaliers. 

4.  CoCo keeps all of her brothers in check with her strong female personality.

3.  Brando and Humphrey will be hosting a Nutro Small Breed Dog Food Party in the very near future.

2.  Humphrey is a great swimmer.  He rides the waves to catch his toy or a stick.

1.  At bedtime, Humphrey is my crown (he sleeps on his back on my head and snores), and Brando is my slippers.  My feet, and head, will never be cold with them around!

And now to present the awards to 15 sensational blogger friends.  We wish we could give more than 15!!  It's too hard to pick!!!

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  2.  Brown Dog CBR
  1.  The Furries of Whisppy

Congrats to all!  We've given you both of the above awards :)


  1. WOWZERS! Thanks for the honor of giving me an award. I am grateful. And Brando buddy I'm impressed with the horse thing. I have to admit, I think I might be just a little bit afraid of them. Congrats on your awards, they are well deserved.

  2. Thank you for the awards but we have had these 2 already and blogged about them. It was lovely of you to think of us though.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. Thank you for the awards! It's much appreciated. :)
    We brought Whisky to the polo club before and let the horses sniff at her which didn't bother her until one fruuummpphhhh into her fur. BOL!

  4. Congrats on your award ! Hang in there !

  5. Congratulations on your awards ad thanks so much to passing them on to us. I am so sorry about all the tough stuff you have gone through, stay strong and let usknow if you need anything

    urban hounds

  6. Congratulations and have a lovely Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I love teh awards cause we get to learn so much about our friends. Like Humphry's, you love to swim and I love to swim and that makes us kindred spirits. Very cool

    THanks for passing this along to me too. Your top dogs

  8. Oh LOL. I've been procrastinating with the awards thing. I better work on this next week. They're piling up now.

    Anyway, stay positive. We are touched for your appreciation of our post. Hugs. Be strong. All will turn out for the best in due time.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  9. Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it to me!!

  10. Congrats on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me! I truly appreciate it!

  11. Congratulations on your great awards, pals! And thank you so much for passing them along to us. :)

  12. Zowie - thanks pals. I'm awe sruck cuz you two are a tough act to follow. Loved learning more about you guys too. M just is in love with both of you.

  13. I know you guys are busy... We're a bit worried but I do hope that everything's alright and you're all settled in.

    Huggies and Cheese,