Saturday, April 14, 2012


How does a wooden cupcake, a door knob, and an ant bed fit into these pictures?

Its really quite simple--or not!

We now know they lead an emergency room visit. 

Yesterday, being Friday the 13th, proved to be a unlucky day for someone. 

Our little guy was playing with his wooden cupcakes, and dropped one onto Chris' foot.  She hemmed, and hawed about going to the doctor. Is it broken or is it just a bump?  Does the black and blue mean it is really broken or, again, just a bump?  Chris said she was fine, and went about the day.


Chris always works with the pups in the backyard with our homemade agility equipment. (In the pictures above CoCo is having her try on the jumps).   OK, well, let me set this up right. 

Chris was working with CoCo, being so little we don't  push her.  She was standing next to a jump and CoCo was in line ready to jump.  She was ready to deliver a treat to CoCo.  That is when it all went south.  Seems Chris was standing near a ant bed, and they decided to feast on her foot.  Yep, she was being bitten by several ants.  She tried to swat them off her feet, and twisted her knee. Reeling from the pain, she hit her head on the door knob on the way into the house.  The deciding factor to rush to the hospital was the shiney swollen foot.  She was complaining her foot was on FIRE!!   After a four hour hospital visit, we know nothing except she is in pain, and she did get bitten by several ants.  The X-rays are still pending due to all of the swelling inside of both her foot and knee. She was having an allergic reaction to the ant bites.   Can you say crutches, a walking shoe, knee brace, and a SHOT!  You can guess where!  She can breath with extreme caution, until Monday when the doctor is supposed to call to confirm the extent of the injuries.

Tim may have wrote this whole long thing about this horrible day, but let me tell you, I'm ready to go hike the foothills!  But....Tim won't let me!

Come Bark with us, we need it!!


  1. Oh your poor foot, I hope you feel better soon

    urban hounds

  2. Are those sirens for your ER visit? Hope all is on the mend!

  3. OMC - how horrible. Hope it gets better real soon.

  4. Ouch Ouch is all we can say.
    Hope nothing is broken.

  5. Fingers crossed for a good report from the doctor!
    Glad to join your followers :-)

  6. Those sirens nearly blew my head off and had mum almost fall out her chair!!!!

    Still - you had better just LAY LOW and do nothing for the next Friday the 13th!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  7. That is a terrible Fri. the 13th story! We'll send sum purrs fur that shiny foot! xoxo

  8. Wow, that sounds way too awful. And simply unlucky.

    I'm so sorry to hear that about Chris. I hope she feels better now. By the way, the sirens are killing me. It's in full volume. LOL.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  9. This is so awful! We hope Chris gets all better soon. We'll be sending good vibes and healing thoughts.

  10. OUCH!!! We hope the swelling goes down really soon. And that something can be done to remove that ant hill...

  11. OMG! I sure hope the swelling goes down and Chris is soon feeling better! Fingers crossed she gets a good report from the doctor!

  12. OUCHIES ! Hope that you start feeling well very quickly. It's a scientific Joke Puppy fact that families need their Maternal Human to be at 100 % efficiency in order to keep chaos from creeping into our everyday lives. Puppy hugs to you,,,,Get well soon !

  13. Those sirens set us all off howling away:) We are so sorry about Chris's foot and knee and head and so hope the weekend will make her feel much better. Mom says that a trip to the ER is no fun at all and usually takes hours to bring to a conclusion.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Reeling from one injury to another happens in comedies but in real life it's not funny at all. We hope Chris is getting around OK and is all better soon!
    Sherry, Alanis and Miro
    p.s. I don't know if this is an Explorer problem or what but the left side of the comment section is obscured by two white boxes, one totally blank and the other with some red dots.

  15. Oh I'm so glad everyone is OK, Friday the 13th strikes again!

  16. Oh, that sounds absolutely dreadful. We hope Chris' foot is better real soon.

  17. Oh dear. We will say a prayer. Thanks for you comment about our Daisy.


  18. Talk about bad luck! And Friday the 13th had already passed. Hoping all will be okay and geesh...ants and allergy reaction sounds terrible!

  19. Wow, bad luck for Friday the 13th! Hope all is better. I must say that little Chloe is so adorable.