Friday, January 20, 2012

Terminator Movie

Brando was wondering what was happening in downtown Albuquerque.  He's walked there many times, and the streets were never closed....

No going this way, either!

The police were all over, too....

Brando was very worried!  Was there a Milk Bone robbery?!

"What's with the Christmas lights?!"  Brando wondered.

"Is that a giant spider on top of that building?"  We really had to coax Brando to go for a walk!

Brando stood with fear!

"Quick! Hide in the trucks!!"

"In here!! In here!!" Brando went running towards the trucks!

"Then again, maybe not!"  Brando quickly made a bee line for the car.

We parked the car again, and walked over to the next block.  It was much calmer on this street. 
"Wait a minute!  What's this?"  Brando thought.

Out came Arnold Schwarzenegger holding two elcairs!  One for Brando, and one for him!!

You Caught US!
We DIDN'T see Arnold Schwarzenegger,
 but we had a lot of fun walking around the movie set
of the new Terminator movie!

P.S.  We heard that Johnny Depp will be here next month filming The Lone Ranger.
Look out Silver! Here comes Brando!

I'll Be BACK!!!!!



  1. Woohoo!! That must have been exciting! Okay scary, but exciting! I'm sure Johnny Depp will have time for you Bogart!

  2. LOL -- that sounds like quite a walk!

    I've so enjoyed my visit tonight -- I'm going to become a follower so I can visit more often!

  3. How exciting....Don't be scared, Brando. It be ok!

  4. How fun for you to see all those things..hugs♥♥

  5. LOL.Run Brando! Run!

    Gosh those media playlists that you got are so in theme.

    "I'll be back" LITERALLY.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. What an exciting walk Brando! Glad everything turned out ok! *phew*

  7. Hi Y'all,

    What? Y'all didn't get eclairs?! All that scary stuff and no eclairs! At least y'all arrived back home safely.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Oh Dog! They should put YOU in a movie! woo woo woo!

  9. What a fun adventure! Brando is a brave dog, I think! Hope you get to run into Arnold or, even better, Johnny Depp!!

  10. Hi you, snooky snookums...Now aren't you the cutest things since sliced bread...imagine Arnie...almost Arnie...and the month..hope you gets some photos..PS Welcome to my bloggy...I'm just a hopping doodle!Sophie

  11. What a fun walk and a fun post. -Bongo

  12. Wow, Brando, you get ALL the fun!!! Enjoy.

  13. i am pretty impressed. I like the music. fancy. Ruff

  14. They have shot several movies in NYC, one bourne identity right by our old apartment it made walks difficult

  15. Okay, that's very cool. I think I'd be there every day just watching how they put it all together. Best part of DVDs to me now is that they come with all the behind the scenes stuff. :)