Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee With a Canine


A new award?  Brando is overwhelmed with Joy!
    This morning brings exciting news! Our interview is featured over at Coffee with a Canine.  We just wanted to thank Marshal for hosting the interview, and featuring Brando and Bogart.  Check us out if you haven't seen it.

     Just a quick Humphrey update!  He is home and doing better. Thanks to all of his "fans" for their concern. Also, we are very delayed in posting thanks for the awards.   I'm sorry.  Things have been a little crazy around here lately.  We promise to get caught up over this weekend! 

Our daughter is currently awaiting to take her exams for Nail Tech.  Just wanted to share some of her fun Cavalier, and dog nail art.  Her speciality is Extreme Nail Art.  One set of her nails were recently featured on the rock group Kiss website. 

See my Brando!

This set is my favorite.  Can you see the tiny Cavalier in Van Gogh's Starry Night?
In order to paint on such a small area, all of Shannon's
paintings are done with a paint brush that has one bristle. 

These aren't dog related, but they live up to the name Extreme!!

Eddie Van Halen's guitar

Shannon also makes cakes!  Look who she free handed on this cake!


She wasn't happy with the writing, but I think it's adorable! 
Shannon is currently working on a chalk drawing of Brando and Humphrey.  Can't wait to share it!! 


  1. Love the artistry, she has a lot of talent!

  2. I love her work! I just wish I could actually HAVE nails ... my own nails constantly split and break and artificial nails never seem to work for me. That and the fact that if they are too long I end up with problems with my contacts (gotta love the "vanity" in hating glasses - at least for me)

    I'm following from Friendship Friday Blog Hop, and am your "newest" follower.

  3. Hey congrats on the interview! And those are indeed Extreme nails!

  4. Wow, those are some impressive nails! I would love to have doggie nails (or kitty nails for that matter) :-) But I pick mine to pieces due to stress -- oh well. I hope she does well on her test, but it looks like she has a lot of talent and will do great!

    Visiting from Friendship Friday

  5. That's some great talent!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. I was just reading Coffee With A Canine and was "OMD I know them!!" Great interview. Loving those Cav nails!! Quite creative.

  7. Awww dats pawesome dat you gotted an interview - we go over there right now and read up on it! *purrs* Maxwell & Faraday (Oh, and Allie too, we guess...)

  8. Cute nail things and cake! My owners have a wood carving and necklace of me.

  9. Thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday - I'm glad that Humphrey is home and doing better!


  10. with a canine...Marshall is pretty cool to do this.

  11. What beautiful nails! I wish I lived closer. I would totally have your daughter do my nails! I love them! Stopping by from the social online conference.