Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paw Print Adventures with Ziggy™ Amarillo, Texas

I think this is the first long journey we've taken with the pups.  We had to debate on whether or not to bring Brando.  He's fearful of so many things, we didn't want to cause him more anxiety.  All it took was a glance into his big eyes, and I knew he was coming along.  Ziggy doesn't care who comes, just as long as he gets to go bye-bye. So off we went to Amarillo with all three Cavaliers.

Ziggy slept most of the journey.  When we finally arrived in Amarillo, Ziggy's first stop was The Home Depot.  We had to pick up spray paint for Cadillac Ranch.  Cadillac Ranch has 10 Cadillacs, half-buried, in a very dusty cow pasture. Visitors can spray paint the bodies of these old jalopies.  If you're ever in Amarillo, we highly suggest this as one of your stops. 

This time, we had to plan how we were going to leave behind Ziggy's paw print.  This is the first place we could actually leave behind his paw print, we usually make-n-take his paw print with us. At Cadillac Ranch, tagging is not considered vandalizing. 

Obviously, we couldn't use spray paint since that would hurt him, so we decided to use our ever trusty ink pad.  He's getting to be an such an old pro at touching with his paw, that it only took one try to create a perfect print.

Ziggy, and his brothers enjoyed romping around at Cadillac Ranch. They can't wait to share Ziggy's next adventure with you.  

Where will Ziggy's paw print be next?   


  1. sounds like you had an awesome time. Maybe our cavies would like to go there too and see ziggys paw print!

  2. I'm excited to find out!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. wow seems like an amazing time! So curious for your next pawprint adventures!