Monday, October 17, 2011

Humphrey's Day Off

Humphrey deserved a much needed day off.  So we decided to skip training, and spend the day horsing around. 
 Our first stop was Sonic Drive In.  Humphrey ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  He had a little trouble pushing the button, so we had to help him.

He really enjoyed the chicken!

Next, we went to Three Dog Bakery.  The Cavaliers love the fresh baked treats they have.

Before we went inside, Humphrey had to check out the "others" that came before him.

Humphrey picked out peanut butter and carob cookies.

After the bakery, Humphrey was off to the dog park.  He needed to work off the chicken, and cookie!

Humphrey and his new friend.


Run free Humphrey!

Here I come!

It was a wonderful afternoon.  After all that excitement, Humphrey spent the rest of his day curled up under the desk, sound asleep.  Rest comfy, my sweet little pup.

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