Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More on the Lump

If I don't give you this treat, will that cause you stress?!
Yesterday morning, we woke to a mess of blood. Having three rambunctious boys, I thought one of them had done something.  Strange, but no blood on the boys.  As I walked through the house, trying to figure who or what (remember we have three boys) was bleeding, I bent down to say good morning to Brando.  He was bloody.  I'm not sure if he scratched the lump or if Humphrey did it when they were having their morning wrestle, but Brando was bleeding.  His white fur was staining to a brown.  It took a second to sink in. I think I may have even been hyperventilating when I told my husband.  Brando seemed fine.  He was trying to wiggle out of my arms to get back to "Cavalier Wrestle Mania" with Humphrey.  The good news is his lump is GONE!!!  A phone call to the vet confirmed that I shouldn't worry (I'm still checking for a lump!) she said Mother Nature may have taken care of it for him. She also said since he's been on antibiotics there wouldn't be any reason to worry about an infection.  The next thing she said had me concerned.  No stress for Brando.  Stress could be one of the causes of his lump, and make it return.  Hummmm.....no stress.  That will be interesting since Brando is afraid of his shadow, my car keys, the tags on his collar, sometimes other dogs, or a car passing by when we go for a walk.  His fears vary from day to day, and I would imagine being fearful could cause stress.   Our lives can also be stressful since my little guy has frequent seizures that can cause chaos in our already unstable day.  As we all know, dogs can feel our stress and tension, so that can't be helping Brando either.  No stress.  Those are two words that will cause more stress.  Hey, at least the lump is gone!!  That's fantastic!


  1. We're happy to learn that the lump is gone!!!!!

    Thank you for your pawprint on our guestbook! We'll definitely come back to read more adventures of two adorable Cavaliers!

    Momo, Pinot & mom

  2. Hi Christine,
    I'm Ellen Tomy. I have written a book about dogs' health that will tell you what to do about your Cavalier's lump. My Cavalier,Scarlett, had cysts, but they are now gone.... after much research, I have figured it all out. Please go to www.adogslifediet.com

  3. YAY for the end of the nasty lump!!! That's good news. How scary for you to find such a mess, I'm sure I would have been a mess myself.LOL

    As for no stress. . . SIGH! No stress would be wonderful, but when you have a fearful pup, it's nearly impossible. Have you started mat work with the boys? It's one of my favorite things to help a fearful dog have a safe space and it helps immensely with teaching them to take a break from the wrestle mania. Along with mat work doing Relaxation Protocol has been very good for Maizey too. Just an idea, that and crates/x-pens come to ming for good management. I know when Maizey and I are both having a stressful day it's lovely to be able to put her in her special crate and know she can settle in there and be safe while I to take a rest. Anyways there's my novel for the night, hope it helps. Glad that lump is gone!!:)))