Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lump Continues......

      As the days pass, I'm still doing the lump check.  It was nearly gone.  It was smaller than a pea, which is considerably smaller.  Unfortunately, it's growing again.  Brando was taking two different antibiotics.  One antibiotic he was to take for 2 weeks.  The other for the next month.  While he was taking them together, it seemed to really help.  I was concerned that when he ran out of one, the other was not going to be enough to take care of business.
      Brando is in training for Canine Good Citizen.  (By the way, he's doing very well.  He's getting better with socializing with people and dogs.  It's a slow process, but from one week to the next he shows a grand improvement.)  Yesterday, Brando's trainer picked him up to feel his lump.  His eyes told a story.  Everyone wishes there was something they could do for Brando.  The vet wants us to wait until the antibiotics are completely finished, to insure they've had time to work.  I have no choice, Brando has no choice.  He's going to have to get poked again.   The vet said Brando has a higher tolerance for pain than a human, but I'm not so sure I buy it.  He cries.  Unfortunately, poking him again seems to be the one thing that may make him better.  I just wished the first vet would have done this test in the beginning.


  1. So sorry! I ditto my remarks on FB here, and can only add, our thoughts are with you both. I hope they can figure out what's happening and then get on with fixing it! Remember to enjoy the happy moments as he surely is. Keep us posted!

  2. I am so sorry to hear things have not improved. There is a Facebook group called Vaccinations Naturally that often helps by answering your questions - they highly recommend the Jean Dodd Protocol. Mind be worth posting to see if they have any advice.

    Great news on the Good Canine classes. I just started Rally with both mine. I really enjoy working with and can tell they get a little bit of extra over the attention.