Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For The Passerby

Dear Mr.and Ms. Passerby,

When we take the puppies for a walk, I've noticed something about you and other passersby.  Each and every last one of you wants to be an expert on dogs.  This seems to be particularly so for passersby who don't have a dog.  "What kind of dog is that?"  When we tell you, you proceed to say that's not the breed we have, and that it must be such and such a breed. Here's the thing, passerby, my husband and I are not experts when it comes to breeds.  Although, as children, and in the 20 years we've been married, we've had a dog or two.  Saint Bernard, Keeshond, Bouvier, Poodle, YorkiePoo and a Westie (both of which we're stolen out of our yard).  Our rescue dogs include a Golden Retriever that we knew going into the relationship hated women, he went back to the family after trying to tear the arm off my coat (hey, we tried!), a black lab mix that used to run away at the drop of a hat (very nightmarish), and our German Shepherd, Rosie, who used to have separation anxiety, she's cured since someone is always home with her.  We've also fostered 8 Labs at one time from the shelter.  They all had heartworm, and they wouldn't eat.  Everyday we made them rice and chicken until they finally started to eat dog food.  We can't forget our Cavaliers, and our Biewer Yorkie, James Cagney.  James Cagney was given to us.   As you can see, we've had a few dogs during the course of our lives.  So why is it, passerby, that you continue to argue the point about the breed of our dogs?  On a recent outing, you came right out and said "Those dogs are Springer Spaniels."  Excuse me sir, forgive me for being so stupid, you're absolutely correct!  These aren't Cavaliers.  Why didn't YOU tell me sooner!  "No, these are Springer Spaniels, look at their coloring."  You're not the first. A lady in the park wanted to argue that the puppies were Chinese Crested or Japanese Chin.  Chinese Crested?!  I must have looked ridiculous, as I know my jaw dropped, while you continued on and on about how they looked like a Chinese Crested.  So what is it about people and dog knowledge?  I'm just curious.  Why does every last passerby know everything about every breed?  When my husband and I are the passerby, we politely smile and continue on walking.  Never once saying "You are mistaken about this Poodle.  It's quite the Pomeranian!"  So please, Mr. and Ms. Passerby, can you try to smile politely, ask to pet the puppies, and stop telling us we are wrong about the breed of our dogs! 

Christine Childress
parent of four beautiful children
and four fun lovin' dogs

P.S.  Watch where you step!  Never mind, you already stepped in it!


  1. Pretty funny christine.;) We get lots of funny guesses about our Cav's. Springers? That's a funny one since my grandpa has had springers my whole life and I never saw a tri or a black and tan.LOL We get cocker a lot, which cracks me up too, since cockers don't have tails! Chinese Crested? That take the cake.

    I love to tell people, their cavalier king charles spaniels and then just let the silence hang in the air while they digest that one.LOL So often we get the response, "WOW! That's a LONG name for a little dog.":))

  2. I feel for you. I own a Chinese Crested, but most people assume he has mange. We see a cute little cavalier on our walks quite often. Your guys are cute!!