Monday, June 6, 2011

Walking in Old Town

"Can you believe that lady? Who's she calling a Cocker Spaniel?!"

 We went walking around Old Town last night. San Felipe de Neri Church was hosting a carnival, so it seemed like it should be a good place for Brando and Bogart to meet some new people.  Lights flashing, people milling, children laughing, what a wonderful opportunity to practice some of our newly learned Good Citzen skills.  Well, Brando wasn't having it.  He sat, and sat, and sat some more.  I got down on the ground trying to persuade Brando to see it my way.  I tried treats.  I tried love.   I tried reasoning.  Nothing worked.   One lady walked past us laughing, "Oh what cute puppies!  They can't seem to make that happen."  What did she know?!  She thought Brando and Bogart were Cocker Spaniels.  One way or the other, Brando was going to get to the carnival, and he did.  He enjoyed the flashing lights, milling people, and children laughing all from the comfort of my arms. <3

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