Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three Dog Bakery, Vaccines, and Brando's Lump

WARNING!  This is being written by a person who is highly emotional.  None of the views, or thoughts brought forward will make any sense.  Here's Brando's story......Yesterday, we found the most wonderful place to bring the puppies, Three Dog Bakery.  They have things that I've never seen before.  They have cakes for dog parties, cookies, and "pupcakes" (which the puppies loved).  Anyways,  after my 4 year old threw a bunch of treats all over the store, we decided to clean the treats, and make our way to the door.  It was strange, but something was keeping us in the store.  We were finished.  I know we were.  Suddenly, the store started to get busy.  A middle-aged woman got excited to see the puppies.  Well, Brando has been kinda grumpy all week.  He went for shots last Sunday, and hasn't been the same.  I told the woman she'd probably do better if she were to pet Bogart.  Brando was barking at her.  She kept insisting, "Oh, you need to get used to people.  See I'm O.K.  You can stop barking.  What's this?  You have a lump in your neck.  Is that a lump?"  The words seemed to linger in the air.  It was like a dream.  Everything went into slow motion.  Who was this woman?  How could he have a lump?  I had just given him a bath the night before, there wasn't a lump on his neck.  I really panicked.  I can't remember paying or leaving the store.  As we approached the car, holding back tears as to not upset the boys, I told my husband, "Brando has a lump."  He stopped in his tracks.  "No, he doesn't.  That lady...."  I handed him Brando.  Yes, Brando has a lump.  Left side under his jaw line.  Does he have an abscess?  Does he have cancer?  Did he get something from his shots?  Our 4 year old has Autism and Epilepsy.  At his 6 month visit, our little guy, like many other children, got his shots.  That night, he ran 104 degree temperature, and developed pneumonia during the overnight.  He was sick for days.  He could no longer sit up on his own or pull to a stand.  His life was changed forever.  Is this why Brando has a lump?  Is this why Brando has been having an "off" week?  Is this from the shots he received last week?  He didn't have a lump on Sunday.   I don't like vaccines.  Not for children, and not for dogs.  Doctors give too many at once.  What's in them?   Are they safe?   There are very few people that give a wishy-washy response to that question.    What good are vaccines if they take away a persons abilty to walk or have a conversation?  What good are vaccines if they take away a puppies ability to eat or play.  I should say,  I'm not against vaccinations.  I'm against the amount given at one time.  Do children need to be vaccinated?  Yes.  Do puppies need to be vaccinated? Absolutely.  My son was given 9 shots on his 6 month visit.  Brando was given 4. This seems like an awful lot of shots for one little boy, and one small puppy.  With that said, and we make our way to the vet, I will hope and pray for little boys and their puppies.


  1. I've been thinking a lot about you guys. Hope you got some information today. I'm glad I found your blog. Hang in there. Sounds like you might want a second opinion

  2. Ahh. . . the great vaccine debate. It's so hard to pin down, and the research I've found is often so complicated that it takes me days to wade through the scientific jargon.

    Is Brando in his third set of shots? Magnus got a huge lump from his second or third shots, and I know a sheltie friend who also got a huge lump from her recent rattle snake vaccine. It doesn't sound as if Brando's problem is quite so simple tho.:( Hope he's feeling better soon!

  3. Yes I am also not a fan of vaccinations. For my dogs I follow Dr Jean Dodds protocol and do not vaccinate after the puppy shots. I was told with my second dog to massage the injection site after a needle to reduce the likelyhood of a lump forming. I am sorry your Mom got so worried! Hey and you guys look like us... one tri and one b/t! Nice to meet you.