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Liebster Blog

We can't believe it!!  Another award!!  Very special thanks to Basset Momma, Kootenai's Climb, and Pupparoos!   We're sorry we're so late in posting this.  The holidays kept us from the computer, and now we have our new girl, Cleopatra, whose been keeping us on the run, literally.  Guess those are lame excuses, I'm really sorry!  Let's get on with the awards....

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, we must do the following:
1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award
3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award

Since we received this award from three different bloggers, we weren't sure if we had to do 15 of our favorite blogs or just 5.  But what the hey, it's the holidays!  Everyone deserves to receive the award!!  So here are our 15 favorite blogs:

#15. Pupparoos!

#14. Kootenai's Climb

#13. DaWeenies of Florida

#12.  Dachshund Nola

#11.  Life with Desmond

#10.  Lessons From and For 4 Legs

#  9.  Bark 'n About

#  8.  Monaco's Adventures

#  7.  The Emptynesters Family Daily

#  6.  Catflap Cavalier

#  5.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-A-Day

#  4.  Yuki and Rocket

#  3.  Urban Hounds

#  2.  Yorkie Tails

and last but not least #1.  Basset Momma 

WooHoo!!  We made it!  What a list!!  These are not listed in order of favorite.  So glad we don't have to pick one favorite, because we couldn't.  We love them all!

Don't forget to pass it on!!  Thank you again!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who's Sleeping in Brando's Bed???

Introducing....Cleopatra!!!!  Shhhhh!!!  We call her Cleo, and she's getting
her own blog...more to follow!

Monday, December 19, 2011

And The Winner Is......

 We are so thrilled to have received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Roxy the Traveling Dog.  Wow!!  Very Awesome!!  So I guess part of this award is sharing 10 things you don't know about the pups.  Well....let's hit it!

10.  Humphrey snores louder than ANYBODY in our house.

  9.  Brando frequently wears shirts to stay warm. Baby, it's cold
  8.  Ziggy was the runt of his litter, and his expected weight full
       grown is only 10 lbs.

  7.  Ziggy's best friend is our kitten, Elvis Pursley.

  6.  Brando is a reactive dog, and because of that, it's difficult to
       bring him many places.

  5.  Humphrey is considered a Novice Trick Dog.  (Almost intermediate!)

  4.  Ziggy's full registered name is Ziggy Stardust Wild is the Wind.

  3.  Brando's first birthday is fast approaching, January 5!

  2.  Humphrey's full registered name is Humphrey Bogart Here's
       Lookin' at You Kid

  1.  Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, and Ziggy Stardust have a
       non-Cavalier brother named James Cagney!

Now, we pass the award to six blogs that we enjoy.  And the winners are......

Bringing Up Bella 

The Life and Times of Remington

Roxy the Traveling Dog

Basset Momma

My Life with Flyball Dogs

 Thank you to everyone who reads and shares in our adventures!  It's so nice of you to stop by!!  Thank you again for the wonderful award!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paw Print Adventures with Ziggy ™ Old Town Plaza's Holiday Stroll

Luminaria (especially in Mexico and the southwestern U.S.) a Christmas lantern consisting of a lighted candle set in sand inside a paper bag.  (

Ziggy's latest adventure includes a luminaria.  Luminarias are popular this time of year in New Mexico.  They line the sidewalks, and streets, at every turn.  Electric luminarias line the tops of buildings, and houses. The tradition of luminarias is part of the Holiday Stroll in Old Town Plaza here in Albuquerque. The Holiday Stroll was originally created to raise funds for various charites, and bring shoppers into The Old Town Plaza.  Today, it represents the beginning of the holiday season.  Many events are held during the opening night, including the lighting of a Christmas tree.  Musicians serenade locals, and tourists, with beautiful music as they stroll along the plaza. 

Ziggy's favorite part was getting lovin' and attention from each passerby.  He also got to go inside the Basket and Rug Shop.  Animals are allowed in this historic structure full of southwestern items.  It's one of our favorite places to visit.

Wherever Ziggy's adventures take us, at some point, I'll start asking my family for input on what we should do for his adventure.  This one took some thinking.  Old Town is old hat for us.  Somewhere we've gone to time, and time, again.  We were completely stumped.  After a good nights sleep, it came to me.  My husband walked away, shaking his head, as I told him about my idea. (This is a typical pattern for my husband.)  So here it is--

For Ziggy's adventure we made luminarias.  We used paper bags, an ink pad, sand, candles, and some puppy paws.  First, we stamped Ziggy, Humphrey, and Brando's paws onto the paper bags.  Ziggy is so used to doing this that he rests his paws perfectly everytime.  Humphrey only gave us one paw print, and Brando was walking all over the bag without a care. (By the way, my husband was still shaking his head!)  Then, we cut out the paw prints.  We wanted the paw prints to really shine when we put the lit candles in the bag.  After that, we opened the bags, filled them with about an inch of sand (to keep them from blowing away), and placed our votive candle in the bag.  We lit the candles, and what a sight!  Adorable, and we can use them year after year, if they don't get too weathered.

Thank you for joining us on Ziggy's adventures.  From our family to yours, we hope that your holiday celebration is special, and nobody walks away shaking their head!  Peace on Earth to all!
As always, where will Ziggy's paw print be next? 


Friday, December 2, 2011

Paw Print Adventure with Ziggy ™ Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

It's been a while since we've posted a new adventure.  We've been to many new, and exciting places, so we need to play catch up. Without further ado...

This adventure takes Ziggy to Palo Duro Canyon which is located 27 miles southeast of Amarillo, Texas.  

Palo Duro Canyon State Park opened on the 4th of July, 1934. The Canyon is 120 miles long, 20 miles wide, and has a depth of 800 feet.  The elevation at the rim is 3,500 feet above sea level. Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the United States. (The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon: 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and one mile deep, but let's not get into that right now...that's a future adventure!)

Since juniper and mesquite trees flourish in the area, Spanish Explorers called the canyon Palo Duro, meaning hard wood.

Being that we're a family from a big city (Chicago), we had never seen a canyon before.  Neither had Ziggy, or his brothers.  Ziggy, Brando, and Humphrey, enjoyed barking at the Texas Longhorn (cattle) that were grazing along the road.  We tried to be very quiet as deer approached the road, but Ziggy had other ideas.  We had just enough time to snap a few photos before Ziggy started to bark, again.

The trails were abundant, and each one had breathtaking views.  We took so many photos it was hard to choose which ones to use for this adventure.  How lucky we are to have such a majestic place to visit, not too far from home. We can't wait to go back.

On this adventure, the medium for Ziggy's paw print was the sand on the trail.  He's finally getting big enough to leave his own paw print behind.  It was so exciting to see it in the sand!

Thank you to Palo Duro Park Services for helping with this post.

Until next time, where will Ziggy's paw print be next?  I'll give you at hint...Ziggy will be there!!


Friday, November 18, 2011

The Shelter Pet Project

Today, I received an email from a fellow animal lover regarding a very special program,  The Shelter Pet Project.  Although our blog is about the Cavaliers, our family is also owned by a shelter pet.  Her name is Rosie.  She's been part of our family since she was 4.  Her former family gave her to the shelter because she had seperation anxiety.  Rosie has been a perfect addition to our family.  There is always someone home to take care of her, and Rosie no longer suffers from the fear of being alone.

The Shelter Pet Project is the result of a collaborative effort between two leading animal welfare groups, The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund, and the leading producer of public service advertising (PSA) campaigns, The Ad Council. The goal is to make shelters the first place potential adopters turn when looking to get a new pet, ensuring that all healthy and treatable pets find loving homes.

Adopting a pet is a life-changing and enriching experience.  When adopting a pet, people are obtaining companions that give them unconditional love, affection, and attention.  Adopting a pet from a shelter not only saves an animal's life, but is also good for our own well-being as research shows that owning a pet has many positive psychological and physical health benefits.  The animals rescued from shelters know you’ve saved their lives, and they typically treat their rescuers with lifelong loyalty and affection. 

Please visit, to find out more information about how to adopt a pet from a shelter. The website was very user friendly.  Type in your zip code, and voila!  Pictures of pets, both dogs and cats, available in your area are right there at your fingertips. 

 “A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet. Be that person. Adopt.”

Thank you to The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie's Fund, and the Ad Council

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to check out a Coonhound named Hudson.

Rosie age 10

Don't forget to 'Like' on Facebook!/ShelterPetProject  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Trouble with Loose Leash

 Everyday we get one day closer to the Canine Good Citizen test. That means one more day of struggling with loose leash walking. We thought that was going to be the easiest part of the test. Humphrey just doesn't want to do it.

We couldn't be doing this at a more difficult time of year, too. Anyone who has a Cavalier knows what I'm talking about. It's the time of year to chase the forever blowing leaves that swirl around Humphrey as we try to keep him loose leash.

This happens to be one of my favorite things about Cavaliers. I love to watch Brando and Humphrey chase butterflies, leaves, birds, and pollen. I wouldn't change that for the world. It's magical.

"Hey, what's down there!"
My favorite thing, turns out to be the one thing I don't think our team can fix before the test. My husband and I have tried everything. Walking near a wall, body blocking (which, by the way, is completely silly with a small breed dog), luring with food, and the newest thing walking around the house with Humphrey leashed to the belt loop on my pants.

I'm ready to throw in the towel, but my husband has that never give up attitude. He keeps saying, "Come on! We've come to far to quit." I know he's right. I'd be quitting myself, Humphrey, and my littlest guy, Ian. If it weren't for Ian we'd have never started this. In the long term, it would be nice if Humphrey could be there for Ian.

Luckily, Humphrey's trainer is extending CGC training an extra two weeks, due to the fact we spent one whole day discussing the handbook. So, I guess for now, I will keep my chin up, shoulders back, and walk with confidence, as we continue to walk on a tight leash.....chasing leaves.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Scoop the Poop! Keep the Rio Grand!

Our family enjoys the time we spend walking the Cavaliers.  We are so lucky to live in a place that has beautiful foothills, and many paths to stroll.  Even if we walk the same path more than once, we always notice something new.  

 The only nuisance on our walks is the fact that humans neglect picking up after their pets.  In Albuquerque, there are more than 43,000 licensed dogs.  If the waste is not disposed of properly, that waste can make the water in the Rio Grande unsafe, infect children and adults with disease causing bacteria and parasites, and spread diseases between pets. 

Pet waste left on the ground can wash into storm drains, and end up in the Rio Grande.  Once in the river, it uses up oxygen when it begins to decay, harming fish and aquatic life, and making the river unsafe.  Pets and children who play in yards or parks where pet waste is not picked up are at risk for infection from disease causing bacteria and parasites.

Even though the focus of this post is the Rio Grande, we can all help make the world a healthier place, no matter where you live. 

When walking with your pet, take a plastic bag or paper bag along and pick up its waste. It's the right thing to do.

 I'd like to thank the Mid Rio Grande Stormwater Quality Team for providing Albuquerque residents with this information.  If we all do our part, maybe we won't have to check the bottom of our shoes before we walk into the house, and we will help the Rio Grande.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

Two Little Cavaliers is hosting a Regressive Dinner.  Thank you for letting us join in the fun!

This is our take on a receipe my husband and I found on  If you are ever concerned about these, or any ingredients in a recipe, be sure to ask your animal wellness professional. 

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Dog Biscuits


2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup canned organic pumpkin (we used Nummy Tum-Tum)
1/4 cup canned organic sweet potatoes for dogs (again, we used Nummy Tum-Tum brand)
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2. In a large mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together.  Add water as needed to make the dough workable.  (We added 2 tablespoons.) The dough will be dry and stiff.

3. Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface.  Roll until dough is about 1/2 inch thick. 

4. Press cookie cutter into dough.  (We used ghosts for Halloween, but any cookie cutter works great!)

5. Bake in preheated oven until hard, about 30 minutes.

Humphrey, Brando, and Ziggy get to lick the
spoon with the peanut butter
Please be sure to visit the Regressive Dinner Blog Hop :)

Kol's Notes   



Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven  

Two Little Cavaliers

The rest of the Regressive Dinner will take place on the following days.  
Thanksgiving – Main Course – Tuesday November 22nd
Christmas – Soup, Salad, and Sides – Thursday December 22nd
New Years Eve – Cocktails and Appetizers – Thursday December 29th

We would love for you to join us and make each part of the dinner bigger than the one before.  To take part in the event please sign up here

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paw Print Adventures with Ziggy™ Amarillo, Texas

I think this is the first long journey we've taken with the pups.  We had to debate on whether or not to bring Brando.  He's fearful of so many things, we didn't want to cause him more anxiety.  All it took was a glance into his big eyes, and I knew he was coming along.  Ziggy doesn't care who comes, just as long as he gets to go bye-bye. So off we went to Amarillo with all three Cavaliers.

Ziggy slept most of the journey.  When we finally arrived in Amarillo, Ziggy's first stop was The Home Depot.  We had to pick up spray paint for Cadillac Ranch.  Cadillac Ranch has 10 Cadillacs, half-buried, in a very dusty cow pasture. Visitors can spray paint the bodies of these old jalopies.  If you're ever in Amarillo, we highly suggest this as one of your stops. 

This time, we had to plan how we were going to leave behind Ziggy's paw print.  This is the first place we could actually leave behind his paw print, we usually make-n-take his paw print with us. At Cadillac Ranch, tagging is not considered vandalizing. 

Obviously, we couldn't use spray paint since that would hurt him, so we decided to use our ever trusty ink pad.  He's getting to be an such an old pro at touching with his paw, that it only took one try to create a perfect print.

Ziggy, and his brothers enjoyed romping around at Cadillac Ranch. They can't wait to share Ziggy's next adventure with you.  

Where will Ziggy's paw print be next?   

Monday, October 17, 2011

Humphrey's Day Off

Humphrey deserved a much needed day off.  So we decided to skip training, and spend the day horsing around. 
 Our first stop was Sonic Drive In.  Humphrey ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  He had a little trouble pushing the button, so we had to help him.

He really enjoyed the chicken!

Next, we went to Three Dog Bakery.  The Cavaliers love the fresh baked treats they have.

Before we went inside, Humphrey had to check out the "others" that came before him.

Humphrey picked out peanut butter and carob cookies.

After the bakery, Humphrey was off to the dog park.  He needed to work off the chicken, and cookie!

Humphrey and his new friend.


Run free Humphrey!

Here I come!

It was a wonderful afternoon.  After all that excitement, Humphrey spent the rest of his day curled up under the desk, sound asleep.  Rest comfy, my sweet little pup.

Friday, October 7, 2011

World Smile Day

Today, Sugar the Golden Retriever is hosting World Smile Day.  Let's all join in!  Times are tough, but a smile can brighten any day.  Take it from Ziggy!

About Wordless Wednesday

It was really difficult to not write something on Wordless Wednesday.  Being that in a few minutes it will be Friday, I thought it was safe to share a little something about our tie dye day. 

My little guy was sick, but that didn't stop him from getting bored.  That's when we came up with the idea to tie dye shirts.  They turned out nice considering the directions didn't make any sense, and the Cavaliers were stepping all over the area we were trying to dye. (At one point, Brando had a green tail, and Ziggy was leaving multi colored paw prints all over our white ceramic tiles! What a hoot!)

Little Ziggy has his shirt draped around him like a cape!  Don't tell
Brando, but I think we put his shirt on backwards--oops!
Never having dressed the pups before, we weren't sure they'd wear the shirts. We were in luck, they didn't seem to mind.  Marlon Brando slipped his head right in, like an old pro.  Ziggy was so cute.  He's such a tiny little fry, that his shirt kept falling off.  The blanket that we used for the backdrop for our photos, was the drop cloth we dyed the shirts on.  As you can see from the blanket, we had quite the mess, but it was worth it.  We had a great time.  P.S. Brando's tail is no longer green, but I think Ziggy might be hanging onto his colored paws for his next paw print adventure!